Essential Clearing
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Susanna got her start with flower essences when a friend of hers handed her a bottle of English essences and told her she was going to love them. Thirty-five years later, she was right! A recognized expert on flower essences for animals and people with more than 20 years working both nationally and internationally, Susanna is also a trained animal communicator, holds a Master of Public Health and is a Reiki Master. Susanna owns AnimalRx Essences and Inflorescence Flower Essences and has been featured in Satya Magazine, as well as Swell! Magazine.


Essential Clearing

Essential Clearing by Susanna is an Energetic Feng Shui service. When a home or business has been energetically Feng Shuied, there is less emotional and mental static or clutter. Occupants feel calmer and more able to relax. Susanna provides wisdom and tips on how to create a peaceful living, working, and sleeping area.