Susanna got her start with flower essences when a friend of hers handed her a bottle of English essences and told her she was going to love them. Thirty-five years later, she was right! A recognized expert on flower essences for animals and people with more than 20 years working both nationally and internationally, Susanna is also a trained animal communicator, holds a Master of Public Health and is a Reiki Master. Susanna owns AnimalRx Essences and Inflorescence Flower Essences and has been featured in Satya Magazine, as well as Swell! Magazine.

Susanna would love to help you with a personalized flower essence preparation for you, your family members or your companion animals. She can also help to sparkle up your home or office with energetic realignment (space clearing -- related to feng shui) or help you with Reiki using flower essences to improve your physical well-being.

Susanna works with the essences from Alaska, California, Great Britain, as well as other places. Her expertise and experience help her clients connect to a deeper sense of wellness, peace and move toward more wholeness. 

For remedies for animals, please visit AnimalRx Essences.

You can reach Susanna at 415-794-9480 or by email here. Susanna works with clients all over the world on the phone or via Skype, and locally in the San Francisco Bay Area.