Energetic FENG SHUI & Space Clearing Testimonials

"My business partner and I have been working together in a space dedicated to physical therapy for 4 years under different ownership.  We recently had the opportunity to take over the space as the new owners and create our vision of a holistic wellness center.  After transforming the space to a new environment, we felt it still needed an energetic shift.  Susanna had been recommended to us through mutual friends.  Immediately after the cleansing ceremony we felt a dramatic shift in the energy throughout the space, it was very clean, clear, and buzzing.  Literally the following week upon officially opening our doors, every person that came in made a statement about how great the energy felt.  Many of those people were previous clients whom had been in the space many times over the past several years, and noted a dramatic shift in the feel.  Another surprising benefit of the energetic feng shui was the return of several clients who had not come for our services for a year or more, the space just seems to be drawing people to it! 

When creating a wellness space it is important for people to feel welcome, safe, and nurtured in order for healing to take place.  Susanna's work definitely accomplished this and more.  We highly recommend her services to anyone looking to clear and shift the energy in their lives." -- Kristin & Gina, Urban Holistic Owners, https://www.urbanholistic.org, San Francisco, CA

"If you have ever hesitated to work with a professional who can do energy work to shift situations in your life, wait no longer.

Susanna is grounded and direct in the work she does. Her intuitive skills hone in quickly and accurately and she helps to change whatever situation you might find yourself struggling with.

Since we worked together, my business has improved in all the ways I needed it to and many of the office tensions that were blocking movement have been reduced.

An additional positive result of her clearing work is the fact that I’ve been able to clean out things in my home that are no longer needed and just taking up space. This is a beautiful metaphor for how her powerful energy work can influence many spheres of ones’ life." -- G.A.K., San Francisco, CA

"Susanna is amazing. She arrives at your home/business with the ideal flower essences already chosen and leaves you with a fresher, more inviting space. I had two roommates who had just moved out and I wanted to utilize their living space. The energy was dense and heavy in their rooms. By the time Susanna left the rooms felt lighter and the entire house felt warm, inviting and “mine.” She’s extremely intuitive and explains what she is doing and invited me to join in to help as much or as little as I desired. I highly recommend Susanna for clearing a business or personal space." -- Sally Churgel, www.calltojoy.com, Sebastopol, CA

"Susanna's intuitive skills as a Feng Shui Energetic Healer for my home saved me from going crazy in the midst of all the upheaval happening around us here in San Francisco, from the homeless encampments, constant construction, and general frenetics of city living. I was at my wits end when Susanna came in and not only cleared, protected and neutralized the space, but also created a flower essences blend specific to our home and to us which I diffuse daily through my mister. Her recommendations for reducing EMFs have been a game changer. I finally feel at ease and restful in my home and my close friends feel the difference as well when they come to visit." -- Emiko Oye, www.emikooreware.com, San Francisco, CA

"I was going through a divorce and my wife moved out. Because the house didn't feel the same after she left and my social life was shifting, I hired Susanna to prepare my home for a fresh start. My social life improved, I hosted a lot of wonderful parties and now I work from home because the house feels so comfortable for me that I enjoy being there again!" -- C.K. Real Estate Broker (Marin County, CA)

"Frankly, I was skeptical. I didn't like the way my apartment felt when I moved in after the previous tenants and I didn't want to stay home much at all. When I hired Susanna, it was because she had been recommended by a friend. I have to say I was surprised that it worked and feel much more comfortable in my own space now. I feel like the place has been scrubbed clean and I can breathe more at home. I am really happy with the result!"
-- S.F. (Berkeley, CA)

"Thanks for your message. It's funny you mentioned things shifting because suddenly I'm feeling so much better and motivated to do things around the house! (People even tell me I look better!)
Previously, I could hardly stand to go home and found something to do almost every night until 7PM. Now I can hardly wait to get home and continue working on projects! For example, I got home from the trip to Florida late Saturday night and on Sunday I was just full of energy to do house things. Among other things, I completely took the refrigerator apart and washed every single piece of it in hot soapy water, then reassembled and reorganized. I took down and packed away all the outside Christmas lights, planted flowers in all the outside pots, replaced all five of the burned out overhead lights and took all the misc junk off the shelf in the kitchen and found a place for everything. I also called a contractor to come talk about doing a few little things. SO, I think we can safely say that things have shifted - thanks to YOU. And I do thank you for sharing your gift with me. It really did help."
-- T.T. (Walnut Creek, CA)

Flower Essence & Reiki Testimonials

"Susanna’s ability to channel universal energies through flower essences is truly unique. Her intuitive style of working creates a bridge between the essences themselves and the soul needs of her clients. Each time, astoundingly, the essences that “choose” me are exactly the ones that I have needed. Susanna continues to check in during the process and helps to guide and shift the blends as needed. She and her essences have supported me through profound personal shifts, releasing long-held blocks and opening to new possibilities in my life. I am deeply grateful and excited to see how things continue to unfold as I use her essences." -.- E.S. (Mill Valley, CA)

"I had a Reiki treatment followed by a flower essence consultation. ASTONISHING. MINDBLOWING. For quite some time, I have been suffering from experiencing 'OCD-ish,' 'looping' thoughts; those kinda thought that ambush you continuously throughout the day (and night). I have also been trapped in a cycle of self doubt and anxiety ever since I can remember. Three days after my session with Susanna I can honestly say that those looping thoughts are completely GONE! This is nothing short of a miracle. I have shifted into a new dimension of being where I am calmer, more self-loving and grounded I have never experienced a consistent sense of grounded calmness--in both my waking life and in sleep-- like this ever in my life.
The Reiki treatment was extraordinarily relaxing and calming to my entire being even after it ended. It is subtle, yet powerful energy work, after all. Learning about the flower essences that were chosen for me was fascinating as each one has its own 'story.' I highly recommend Susanna's brilliant healing technique for anyone desiring transition and improvement in their life." 
-- M.S. (Berkeley, CA)

"I have been using Inflorescence Flower Essences for several years now and I cannot recommend them highly enough! I would encourage anyone to try them because they simply work. When I was experiencing a difficult period in my life a few years ago, I found that Well Heart and Be Here Now were indispensable for offering me great comfort and helping me to cope and stay present. I also highly recommend Protect Me, especially during situations where you may need to deflect the energetic interference from others and stay connected to your own energy. The flowers in these essences are only too delighted to offer us their healing and balancing energies. Get these flower essences and I am willing to bet you will be glad you found them! (Excellent for animals, too!)"
-- L.K. (Oakland, CA)

"Susanna has a true gift in her ability to speak the language of the flower essences. Her love for her craft and deep caring for her clients creates sacred space for healing. Susanna has helped me through times of profound grief, transition and exciting new journeys. I am extremely grateful and wholeheartedly recommend her and the joy of the essences to others. "
-- P.H. (Santa Rosa, CA)

"Susanna is a gifted healer. She is highly intuitive and has a tremendously inspiring relationship with the healing powers of flower and mineral essences. I have been delighted and impressed with her ability to catalyze beneficial change in my life, helping me shed layers in between me and my goals. I don't know another way I might have accessed these hidden barriers, but Susanna provided the means to go straight there. I recommend her work to anyone interested in developing themselves so they have more of what they would truly love in life."
-- B.S. (Kentfield, CA)

My ten year old daughter was having difficulty in school as she was being bullied and picked. This had gone on for a few years. In addition to this, she was having nightly violent and scary nightmares. After working with Susanna and the flower essences for a very short time, my daughter was doing much better. She is now sleeping soundly and not getting bullied any longer. I cannot imagine what we would have done without flower essences!" -- L.K. (San Rafael, CA)

"Our 11-year-old French Bulldog mix has suffered from skin allergies and discomfort his entire life. Susanna's flower essence prescription provided instant relief for Buster. We are amazed by his new found sense of well-being and comfort. Thank you, Susanna, for your expertise and perfectly formulated flower essences. We will forever keep a bottle on hand." 
-- M.R. (Berkeley, CA)

"Be Here Now helps me center the high stress demands of establishing my life and my career. I can get anxious during the day because of all I need to accomplish. The Be Here Now essence combination allows me to center in the moment and stop stressing about what's ahead. I use it every morning to start my day with a brighter outlook!" -- Kaylin Taplin (Berkeley, CA)

"Romeo (a teacup Chihuahua) came in to our shelter, he was timid and latched on to another dog and would not leave his side. We used the Inflorescence essences on him and within the half hour he walked out into the main room with the other dogs acting like he owned the place! I was surprised at how effective and immediately they worked!" 
-- E., Shelter Manager (San Francisco, CA)

"Susanna has been a saving grace for me and the many friends I have sent to her. I'm grateful for her knowledge and understanding of the flower remedies, they work magic through her and they make change happen! So if you're experiencing grief, depression, worry, anxiety, fear, anger or you're not allowing yourself to shine, connect with Susanna (Claudia)." 
-- Jada Delaney (Santa Barbara/SF)